Twin Hybrid Bridge on Electric Violin

Twin Hybrid Bridge on Acoustic Violin (microphone out in front of amp)

Octave Violin Kit (direct out from amp)

Hybrid Violin Bridge (direct to board)

Miroslav Vitous with Chick Corea and Roy Haynes (uses Barbera Bass Bridge)

Charnette Moffet with McCoy Tyner (uses Barbera Bass Bridge)

The first 3 recordings are the Barbera Upright Bass pickup. They were recorded in 2 track stereo so that the direct out from the pickup system can heard along side a simultaneously recorded track with a microphone. The right channel is just the acoustic instrument sound. A Neumann mic was placed apx 2 feet in front of the bass at bridge height. The left channel is direct to the board from the Barbera Bridge. A basic pre-amp was used for impedance matching purposes. (a Fishman model B) Left and right channels were recorded simultaneously with all EQ controls set flat with 100% isolation between channels. No post processing was done on this recording other than the conversion from the original .wav format to a compressed MP3 format.

Upright Bass - Blues - Rufus Reid - Pizzicatto

Upright Bass - Homage a Casal - Anthony Falanga- Arco

Upright Bass - Lament - Anthony Falanga- Pizzicatto

Barbera Twin Hybrid Violin Bridge on Electric Violin

Excerpt from "Dharma At Big Sur" by John Adams

-Tracy Silverman with BBC Philharmonic Orchestra

Barbera Hybrid Bridge on acoustic violin with Jazz Quartet
-Miri Ben-Ari

Barbera Cello Bridge on a Vector, Electric Cello - Gigue - JS Bach performed by Jonathan Lewis

Barbera Bass bridge on a Vector, Lyric Upright Electric Bass - "The Man In The Red Suit" - performed by Paul Novotny

Twin Solid Polyphonic Bridge retrofit onto Yamaha Electric Violin

For more info on the above artists and additional soundclips go to the Testimonials page.

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