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Ultra High Performance 4, 5 & 6 String
Acoustic and Electric Cello Pickup/Bridges
featuring 2 transducers for each string.

Cello pickup bridgesThe Barbera Multi-Transducer Cello Pickup Bridge is a unique, high performance pickup system. Barbera Cello pickups feature two, dual piezo transducers for each string. The sensors are mounted within a precision fabricated maple graft which is integrated into the bridge beneath the strings.Barbera Cello Bridges are relied upon by various makers of custom electric cellos for the tone and power they deliver. They function equally well on electric cellos or traditional, acoustic instruments. The bridges are made custom to match each instruments particular setup.

The system senses from three perspectives simultaneously. Each strings vertical and horizontal vibrations are sensed individually, as well as the overall lateral twisting motion of the bridge (on acoustic style bridges). Vertical sensitivity to each string provides clarity, balance and sustain for pizzicato. Horizontal sensitivity to each string provides for precise articulation of attack for pizzicato and a rich, natural arco response which is dynamically in balance with the pizzicato. Sensitivity to lateral-twisting bridge motion, provides depth and tonal interaction with the instrument top. This multi-dimensional sensitivity provides exceptional clarity, tone and power of projection.

Barbera multi-transducers for Cello are not mass produced. They are custom made for each instrument. In the process of their being crafted, each bridge receives considerable individual attention. Performance characteristics of the Cello pickups are carefully brought out and optimized, through a voicing process similar in some respects to the way a luthier develops a musical instruments voice.

acoustic electric cello pickup

On an Acoustic Cello the output jack mounts on the tailpiece.

Audio Sample

Barbera Cello Bridge on a Vector Electric Cello

Gigue-JS Bach
performed by Jonathan Lewis

Some advantages of an integrated into the bridge, all maple pickup system include:

  • All maple construction provides integrated tonal compatibility with the bridge and the instrument.
  • fast, dynamic responsiveness in arco and piz modes
  • Warm, open quality of sound with incredible clarity and focused power which projects a clear, focused tone even in the most difficult musical situations.
  • Balanced response across the strings.
  • Non-microphonic sensitivity*. This provides a natural, high resistance to feedback without fingerboard noise or distant ringy edge to the sound, and without sound bleed from drums or other nearby noise sources.

    (*Non-microphonic sensitivity is a focused, selective coupling to the energy source which rejects undesirable noise and provides a clean, clear signal. On the other hand, Microphonic sensitivity, as occurs in surface contact transducers, is an unfocused, nonselective, surface contact type of sensitivity, which includes undesirable noise such as body noise, finger noise etc. in the signal to be amplified.)

  • No hardware clamped, stuck or wedged into or under the bridge.
  • Clean, uncluttered appearance on the instrument.
  • High gain, passive output.
  • Multi dimensional reproduction of the instruments sound, with full, clear fundamental and overtone response at flat EQ settings.

New, custom Cello pickups can be made from tracing the existing fitted bridge. Installation is a matter of minutes.

Video of David Darling playing with Barbera Cello Bridge on Acoustic Cello

Electric Cello pickup.

Extra low height solid model bridge for Electric Cello.

This low height bridge format allows for alternative instrument designs with a lower fingerboard and neck angle.

The traditional style bridge also is used on a solid body electric cello, where a traditional height bridge will fit.

Cello Pickups and Electric Cello Pickup Bridges.
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