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Acoustic Electric Violins in 4, 5 & 6 String models
Ultra High Performance, with two pickups per string.

Finely crafted acoustic electric violins, outfitted with our state of the art Twin Hybrid violin pickup system makes for an amplified violin of exceptional quality and unequalled performance capability. Barbera acoustic electric violins provide the deep, rich tonal personality of a resonant acoustic violin with focused power and feedback resistance that goes far beyond the usual limitations of an amplified acoustic violin. BTS Acoustic Electric Violins 5 String Electric Violins and 6 string Electric Violins.rival an electric violin in their ability to project well in loud musical settings while retaining a rich, natural sounding violin tone at virtually any volume level.

Barbera acoustic electric violins combine our high end, Twin Hybrid model Multi Transducer violin pickup Bridge (two dual piezo transducer elements per string), with a finely crafted, handmade 5 string violin. The quality of these violins is evident throughout. From the figured curly maple backs and fine grained spruce tops, to the oil varnish and matching boxwood or ebony accessories (including the matching boxwood or ebony output jack plate on the lower bout of the acoustic electric violin). A miniature volume/tone control is integrated into the tailpiece behind the fine tuners. 4, 5 and 6 string model acoustic electric violins are available.


Barbera 5 string and 6 String Acoustic Electric Violins are constructed as extended range violins from the start, they are not not converted from 4 string violins. They feature a true 5 or 6 string violin neck, fingerboard and pegbox for comfortable string spacing at the nut. The sound these acoustic electric violins produce is a clear, deep and rich, acoustic violin voice with lots of tonal personality. The Twin Hybrid Multi-Transducer violin pickup system provides the focused tonal clarity to powerfully project the violins voice in any amplified setting. The mini volume/tone control in the tailpiece offers a wide tonal sweep from ultra dark to bright. These are high end, professional quality acoustic electric violins, with state of the art multi transducer violin pickup bridges.

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Violin Pickups and Electric Violin Pickups.
Twin Hybrid Multi Transducer Violin Pickup Bridges
(two, dual element transducers for each string in an all maple violin bridge). Upgrade and dramatically transform your present electric violin or acoustic violin with a BTS Multi transducer violin pickup bridge.

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