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Barbera Transducers Crafts Ultra High Performance Pickups for musicians worldwide. We make acoustic guitar pickups and transducers for steel string and nylon string Acoustic Guitar and pickups for Violin,Upright Bass, Electric Violins, Cello and Electric Cellos with separate transducers for each string.


Barbera Transducer Systems is a specialized company devoted to the development and production of the finest quality pickups available for acoustic guitar, (nylon string and steel string) violin, electric violins, upright bass and cello. Our approach to making ultra high performance pickups is through a combination of musical instrument craftsmanship, innovative electro acoustic design concepts and precision production techniques.

It is our belief that a pickup should be a fine quality musical instrument component in its own right and not simply an add on- after thought.

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We've been making, custom quality transducers and pickups for violin, electric violins, cellos, and upright basses since 1986. We consider pickup making an art and have been continually refining our pickup designs and craft over the last 27 years. BTS pickups are in a class by themselves in their level of sophistication, quality and performance.upright bass pickups

Barbera Multi-Transducer Bridges are for the discriminating performer who wants the very best amplified sound possible for their musical expression.

Through their advanced design and construction, Barbera multi-transducer pickups empower a stringed instrument to be able to project a great tone in virtually any musical situation. They provide full range, high fidelity sound quality and they bring tonal richness, focused clarity, balance and power of projection to an instrument's amplified voice. These are qualities which enhance the experience of performing, allowing the player to relax and focus on creating music, while comfortably projecting their sound without having to struggle to be heard.

We provide pickups to fine makers of stringed musical instruments like Guild Guitars, Cordoba Guitars, Buscarino Guitars, Sand guitars, Benedetto Guitars, Sadowski Guitars, Wood violins, Jordan Violins and many others. We also sell our pickups direct to musicians worldwide Contact us to have a BTS pickup made for your instrument.Upgrade and dramatically transform your present Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Electric Violin, Acoustic Violin, Cello, Electric Cello and Upright Bass with a Barbera  Multi-Transducer violin Bridge Pickup.

Soloist acoustic guitar pickups provide hi fidelity tonal clarity, balanced string outputs and unequaled power of projection. Solist saddles are passive (no batteries or electronics in the guitar) and acoustically trasparent (do no harm to the acoustic performance of the guitar. Soloist saddles are equally effective on Steel string guitars..

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